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When your looking for intense suction pleasure this is the perfect choice for increasing clit and nipple sensitivity!  With two powerful nipple suckers and a clever clitoral cylinder sucker, this combo targets your body’s most sensitive erogenous zones with amazing pump-less suction satisfaction.

Place the clear cylinders over your nipples and clit and lower the suction dials counter-clockwise until they’re flush with your skin.  The smooth cylinders feel great against your skin and stay put when the action heats up.  Apply a gentle amount of pressure to the cylinder to endure a tight seal against your body and twist the top clockwise to activate the suction.  With each turn of the twist dial, the suckers will increase blood flow to the focused area and increase sensitivity.  Once you unscrew the dial and relieve the pressure, your nipples and clit will remain perky, extra sensitive, and ready to rock for whatever happens next!