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Inflatable Pecker Sword Fight Game

This dicky duel will decide which player deserves the coveted title of Super Swordmaster.  Whack each other with your willy until you knock your opponent silly, then bask in the glory of victory!  You've heard of pissing contests before, but this boner battle takes sausage supremacy to the next level!

Ladies, stop wondering what it'd be like to have a sword and strap on the fun!  Whack your wieners against each other until you knock your opponent's package off the velcro harness!  Don't just rub helmets, take control of this Johnson joust and show your opponent who's boss!  The first player to dislodge the dicky off your opponent gets a point for the round.

Includes:  2 inflatable Strap-On peckers and 2 Velcro Harnesses